Monday, 8 June 2015

Welcome To The World Of Innovative LED Lighting Solutions.

Welcome to We are an online retailer of LED effects lighting based out of Leicester, Britain. We are the principal suppliers of LED lighting solutions in the U.K. We have considerable years of experience selling superior quality and economical LED lighting equipment and associated peripherals. We have received numerous accreditation both locally in the Leicester area and across the UK in general. We are a professional and well established company that provides LED lights and related products to large and highly satisfied clientele and you can be assured that you are dealing with a most reputed and trusted company, when you are shopping with us.

We have a large range of products at your disposal, to meet the varied requirements of our clients. White LED Tape, RGB LED Tape, Dual Colour LED Tape, Side Emitting LED Tape, LED Light Bars, Controllers, Dimmer Switches, ACDC Power Adapters, LED Driver/Transformer, Cables, Connectors, RGB LED Controllers are some of the products we sell. We are pioneers in the field of innovative LED lighting solutions, and have come up with amazing designs, architectures and functionality for personal as well as commercial purposes. LED lights can be used in a variety of settings like modern lighting arrangements inside and outside houses, for ambient lighting in apartments, offices and even in stage decorations, functions, lawns and gardens and festive decorations.

LED technology has really picked up pace in regards to research and development in recent years owing to its obvious advantages over conventional lighting options. LED products like RGB Tape Controller are grossly energy efficient and highly effective. It has considerably longer life than conventional lighting options which means one save a lot of money on electric consumption and on periodic replacements. Do visit our website for exclusive deals and offers. We take online orders as well as orders on the telephone.

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Where To Use LED Tape Lighting

LED tape lighting is one among the newest trends that is used in the home design. There are plenty of different applications of this tape. When it comes to make a beautiful home, this tape plays a major role in both indoor as well as outdoor. It will offer a warm environment to your home as well as make it glow.

If you want to have glow and warm look, it is best to use the LED tape lights instead of using loud frown of overhead light. Your home may include some places, which are continually dark, for example in ceiling coves or below the kitchen cabinets. These places are not possible to brighten up with traditional lighting. You can illuminate these places with tape lighting. 

In case you want to display some items, using tape lighting will offer you a great benefit. All you need to do is just place the LED tape lighting in the display cabinets or below the display shelves. It will offer an eye-catching look to your items. These lights use small amount of energy, hence you do not need to be anxious about them reaching too hot as well as becoming a danger in case you install them inside of the display cabinet.

If you fit these lights around your television, then it will reduce eye strain. Using these lightings behind the household objects can be an excellent way to increase the decoration of your home with subtle illumination. You can also place these lightings below your furniture. Applying these lights below kitchen counter tops, your bed frame or the bathroom vanity can make a modern statement and create a contemporary outline throughout your home.

Applying LED tape lightings throughout your garden and around your patio can offer a wonderful relaxing space to your family in the evening. You can purchase the LED tape lights online at or learn more about these energy efficient LED lights.