Friday, 31 July 2015

Extremely Small And Flexible Led Tape Lights

LED is light emitting diode; this semiconductor emits the light with the help of electro-luminescence process. So this main factor makes your LED lights are durable and long lasting. Unlike the fluorescent and incandescent, there are no gasses inside and also glass tubes. This unit is not under any gas or pressure and difficult to break. Especially with the tape light, the size what makes this advanced technology most impressive. With the fast development of Led technologies, you can get the extremely small LED lights, which are conveniently fitted within a hole, crack or crevice. The best thing about the LED tapes is that is spread of light you receive from.

 Benefits of LED tape lights

The LED tapes are fantastic products and you can use this in both residential and large commercial lighting applications. These LED lights will generate very little heat and also cool to touch. So by using the LED tape at , you can effectively prevent the fire hazards. You can use these LED light sources for a wide variety of applications.

You can also avail the multicolored tape lights, as these lights can be made to certain color requirements. So you can change your whole room to any color with the use of LED lights. These LED lights fit almost anywhere, includes extremely in your bathroom and also the kitchen. This due to, it is available with waterproof sealing.

What makes the LED Tape lights from the online retail website are versatile and unique that is can be Cuttable as per your required length. These fabulous LED light application products are also flexible as it can fold for a 90 degree bend. Some of the factors that you need to consider while buying the tape lights include voltage, IP rating, size and type of the LED and so on.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Welcome To The World Of Innovative LED Lighting Solutions.

Welcome to We are an online retailer of LED effects lighting based out of Leicester, Britain. We are the principal suppliers of LED lighting solutions in the U.K. We have considerable years of experience selling superior quality and economical LED lighting equipment and associated peripherals. We have received numerous accreditation both locally in the Leicester area and across the UK in general. We are a professional and well established company that provides LED lights and related products to large and highly satisfied clientele and you can be assured that you are dealing with a most reputed and trusted company, when you are shopping with us.

We have a large range of products at your disposal, to meet the varied requirements of our clients. White LED Tape, RGB LED Tape, Dual Colour LED Tape, Side Emitting LED Tape, LED Light Bars, Controllers, Dimmer Switches, ACDC Power Adapters, LED Driver/Transformer, Cables, Connectors, RGB LED Controllers are some of the products we sell. We are pioneers in the field of innovative LED lighting solutions, and have come up with amazing designs, architectures and functionality for personal as well as commercial purposes. LED lights can be used in a variety of settings like modern lighting arrangements inside and outside houses, for ambient lighting in apartments, offices and even in stage decorations, functions, lawns and gardens and festive decorations.

LED technology has really picked up pace in regards to research and development in recent years owing to its obvious advantages over conventional lighting options. LED products like RGB Tape Controller are grossly energy efficient and highly effective. It has considerably longer life than conventional lighting options which means one save a lot of money on electric consumption and on periodic replacements. Do visit our website for exclusive deals and offers. We take online orders as well as orders on the telephone.

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Where To Use LED Tape Lighting

LED tape lighting is one among the newest trends that is used in the home design. There are plenty of different applications of this tape. When it comes to make a beautiful home, this tape plays a major role in both indoor as well as outdoor. It will offer a warm environment to your home as well as make it glow.

If you want to have glow and warm look, it is best to use the LED tape lights instead of using loud frown of overhead light. Your home may include some places, which are continually dark, for example in ceiling coves or below the kitchen cabinets. These places are not possible to brighten up with traditional lighting. You can illuminate these places with tape lighting. 

In case you want to display some items, using tape lighting will offer you a great benefit. All you need to do is just place the LED tape lighting in the display cabinets or below the display shelves. It will offer an eye-catching look to your items. These lights use small amount of energy, hence you do not need to be anxious about them reaching too hot as well as becoming a danger in case you install them inside of the display cabinet.

If you fit these lights around your television, then it will reduce eye strain. Using these lightings behind the household objects can be an excellent way to increase the decoration of your home with subtle illumination. You can also place these lightings below your furniture. Applying these lights below kitchen counter tops, your bed frame or the bathroom vanity can make a modern statement and create a contemporary outline throughout your home.

Applying LED tape lightings throughout your garden and around your patio can offer a wonderful relaxing space to your family in the evening. You can purchase the LED tape lights online at or learn more about these energy efficient LED lights. 

Monday, 2 March 2015

Colour Changing LED Controller for Best Results

Colour changing LED lights are a great way to overhaul the look of your home or office and make it a center of attention for everyone. But it has to be done the right way if you are looking for the best results, which is why you need to get top notch lighting products along with professional services for their installation and services. You have many options in LED lighting out of which you can pick the one to suit your preference and budget. These lights and tapes are basically divided into two categories- single color LED tapes and the most innovative, color changing LED tapes. By using the right kind of LED tapes, you can make your home or office look really beautiful.

Importance of Controllers for Color Changing LED Lights

Installation of controllers is very important in case you are looking for changing patterns in color changing tapes for your home or office. You would require a superior quality colour changing LED controller if you want the best results and worth for the money you have invested in these products. These controllers will be used along with the LED tapes to control the intensity of lights, frequency of color changes and create a pattern in the color changing function of these lights. In other words, investing in color changing lights is worthless until they are supported by the right kind of controller.

Best Place to Buy Color Changing Lights and Controllers

Since color changing lights and controllers are expensive as compared to white or single color lights, you must buy them from a reputed supplier. Looking for high quality is equally important as you would want the stuff to last long. Also, discount offers would make them cheaper. At our website, you will get all these benefits, couples with trust and great reputation.

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Friday, 27 February 2015

Get the Innovative 12 V LED Tape

LED lighting has become a way of life today, and the reasons of its popularity are that it adds to the aesthetic value of your home and office, besides giving you the benefits of cost and energy efficiency. They are being used at a variety of locations, including indoor and outdoor lighting of homes, offices, commercial establishments and even in the major events like stage shows, making them one of the most sought after lighting products in UK. At Mirrorstone Lighting Ltd, you can get a whole lot of LED tapes, besides other lighting products and accessories so that you can use them effectively to light up your lives.

Single Color and Multi Color LED Tapes

The company pioneers in supply of both single and multi color adhesive tapes, which can be used all over your place to give it an absolutely new look. Another innovative product is the 12 V LED Tape, which has found its use in creating new architectural designs, besides being used t create an extraordinary visual impact with the help of sublime lighting. What adds to the versatility of this amazing product is that you can use it anywhere around your place, on the ceiling, under the table and anywhere else you want to create an extravagant visual delight with the help of right lighting.

Excellent Quality Products Available Here

We not only showcase the best quality LED tapes here, but also bring for the customers other vital equipment such as controllers, power supplies, accessories and a lot more. This has made us a trusted name for those looking for a comprehensive lighting solution in UK. We also give answers to all the queries related to LED lighting, in addition to bringing the products at some wonderful discounted deals. To order the products, visit our website right now, .

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Monday, 2 February 2015

Lighting Effect Can Alter Moods – Reliable Leds And LED Power Adapters

Birthday parties are celebrated in-house most of the time. Choosing our garden is the usual custom in many homes. Still, when you want to make it grand and graceful, you can add on to the stunning appeal of the house exterior with some wonderful led strips. Lighting effect can be changed as per your needs and wants if you have the customizable LED tapes, which come with the self-adhesive tapes, to be installed wherever you will want it, in a convenient fashion.

We often come across variety of lighting effects in the restaurants, bars, and other places. Even in some of the dance halls, gyms and clubs, lighting effects are of the peculiar kind using some strange LED styles and designs of the trendiest kind. The elegance of the place is enhanced by far with the subtle lighting arrangements done in the restaurants. No one wants to dine out in a flashy ambience. It is something that is meant for your family members to enjoy the occasion of a grand feast in coolest privacy. Too much exposing lights can be annoying for a family dinner to be spent in a public facility. Similarly, you can choose different types of lighting arrangements for different places as per your tastes and wants. Range of options is available in the LEDs and Wholesale led power adapters too.

You can install the lights under the cabinets so that a hidden or subtle lighting effect is achieved. It can be impressive at nights in a restaurant. Costs vary as per the style you choose. LEDs of the most special kind are available in the best online stores. You can choose to buy best decorative color changing LED strips from the reliable and safe online stores, recommended here. It is the top rated option in the industry as of now for the LEDs, contact here

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Friday, 2 January 2015

A Brief Insight into RGB LED Tape

LED is an amazing technology which produces light with the aid of a semiconductor source. The LED light bulbs are compact in size and are generally unified together in order to produce a bright light source. With this innovative and unique lighting system, it is possible to add wide spectrum colours to create white light. LED bulb is very much beneficial than incandescent and halogen power as it is energy efficient, safer, flexible and more versatile when it comes to coloured lighting as it can easily be brightened or dimmed to gratify the specific lighting needs.

The RGB (letters refers to Red, Green and Blue) LED tape signifies to the dynamic light colors that streaming out of the light emitting diode system. Wholesale RGB LED tape offers an efficient means of varying or controlling coloured lighting for both outdoor as well as indoor requirements. The advantages of utilizing RGB LEDs mainly include; Long life, low power consumption, DIY features for installing LED system and for customizing control panels and they are the idyllic weather-proof lighting aid for outdoors.

By adding specific collections of interchangeable colors to indoor decors or outdoor landscape power, the colour changing LED lighting can factually brighten up areas and spaces and make it have a colourful and pleasing ambience. There are essentially three sorts of RGB LED tape lighting system are; linear lighting, direct-view lighting and wall-wash type of RGB LED lighting. These colour changeable LED tape offers you the opportunity for creating colorful and changeable ambience all at a press of button.

It is essential to have a great amount of application planning prior RGB LED lighting systems can be installed. The critical factors which determine installation and usage are; system cost, power supply, aesthetics and indoor space availability, and lots more. With these LED lighting system you can certainly create an amazing ambience to your place. 

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